Medieval Corridor

“In those simple times there was a great wonder and mystery in life. Man walked in fear and solemnity, with Heaven very close above his head, and Hell below his very feet.“ – Sir Nigel

Virtual worlds relive the classical civilization of Antiquity through bringing back the glistening armours that were once worn by great knights in heroic battles.

What is the Medieval Corridor?

teutonic knight

The Medieval Corridor showcases our creations for the middle-ages or dark-ages time period. Most are armours and harnesses that are either historically precise or inspired by fantasy designs. Avatrian line ranges from the English Plate Armours to the Guardians of Catholicsm: Teutonic Knights (image on the right). Each armour tells its own story: such as the Avatrian Warrior Princess of courage, the Italian Harness of power, and the Stormhold Paladin of honor.

If you want to experience the dramatic age of knights and armours - then we can teleport you through time in the Medieval Corridor.