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 An Interview for Hypergrid Business

I had a long conversation with Maria Korolov the other day. She was particularly interested in Avatrian’s consulting services in the OpenSim platform. We spoke for about an hour. After giving her a background of the company, I went into detail regarding our past experiences in the OpenSim platform. Avatrian has its own OpenSim Grid since 2009. That’s also when we migrated our first client sim, The Medaverse, from Second Life to OpenSim. Most of 2010 is devoted to helping the Center for Education Technologies build their own OpenSim Grid housed within their own server and network at Wheeling, WV. Their sim in SL, MoonWorld, is highly interactive and is developed as a 2 hour mission for a team of 4 explorers. Much of the in-world content are scripted and a complex HUD is integral to the experience. For this reason, migrating MoonWorld from SL to OpenSim requires much manual transfer of objects and data.

Maria and I also discussed about sim owners who are more open to migrating to OpenSim especially now that the Teen Grid in SL is closed and Linden Labs has announced price increases for the education and non-profit community. We both feel that there are still many individuals and organizations who are not aware that OpenSim is a viable option for many.

The result of the interview is an article which Maria wrote and posted in the HyperGrid Business online. It summarizes the input from various OpenSim vendors including Avatrian. You can read the full article here…

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  1. Ener Hax Says:

    wonderful interview and great work!

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