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 Meet Stardust Isodo

Hey boys, It's a spy!

Hi there guys, I’m a new guy in the office. My name is Christian using the avatar “Stardust Isodo” and I’m glad to be working in Avatrian!

I admit, when I applied in Avatrian, I don’t have that much knowledge with it or hands-on experience with Second Life or OpenSim but I’ve heard so many things about it already. I’ve heard Second Life from a newsblog and from a friend who happens to have played it. It was a surprise to me that I got hired even without the critical knowledge on operating the game. Perhaps its my thick experience with gaming and a great expertise in designing and developing stuff that made me ideal to work here.

Because of my gaming experience, I’ve never had any problems using Second Life or OpenSim for the first time. It’s just like any other game that I’ve played whether if it’s new or not. However, don’t be deceived. The learning curve for newbies and pros will totally be different.

The best part of this virtual world for me is the vast amount of customizations. If I were to compare it to a game that’s customization-wise, its Civilizations. I may sound like a hypocrite when I said that. You might say “WRRRY R U COMPARING SL/OS N CIV? CIV/[SL/OS] IS TEH BEST GAME EVAR”, but really, no. Because of the massive user-created content that I saw in SL/OS, it makes the virtual world more interesting to explore

So I’ve been to different places in SL already and I want to share my impressions with it. I was asked to take a few screenies and I should publish them here in the blog.

Flim Flam Fizalam’s

Okay, this was the first location in the notecard that Chenin sent to me. It reminded me of a post apocalyptic world. It has a bit of similarities to Resident Evil: Extinction’s own depiction of a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. If you have watched the movie “Six String Samurai”, then you can say the movie has a better depiction of it but I admit, I haven’t watched the movie, only heard of it and read its plot. The movie is kind of hard to find even on the torrents.

The fun part for me is this one:

And in its hellmouth:


The interior of this structure is really beautiful. I haven’t taken pictures of it but go ahead, visit it. Next on the list…


Now, you may be thinking that how significant is having that image up there as an introductory image for this location? Am I being an idiot?

Well no. When I first got into that place, I was in a sewer. If you happen to have a high-end machine and have everything ramped up to high, you can tell that the water reflections are really beautiful, like how my view was distorted if the cam was in the water. Outside the sewer, you can find this place:


This reminds me of Rapture, the fictional dystopia of Bioshock. Bioshock is extremely notorious for created themed places like this. The good part about CREAMSHOP is that there are no splicers, big daddies, little sisters and Ayn Rand - only places that you want to go or see.

Primtings Museum

Okay, this part will be really short.

I want you to zoom in the middle and have a good look in it.

Can you see the shuttlecocks? They’re actually bigger than you (in SL scale). You don’t want to get hit by the badminton racket – I crap you not.


This took me a while to remember what’s this place. But at the first glance and if you happen to be a long time, hardcore gamer, you can tell it looks something thematically similar to GTA:VC. Hey, don’t bring a gattling gun when you get there.

Dell Factory
Okay, at first you might think this is the Louvre Pyramid. Unfortunately, no. It just looks the same.

You can see me up there if you zoom in a little bit. I tried falling down there – expecting the glass panes would break but I went straight into concrete. In this part, I also noticed how the avatars react with inclined planes, like this:


RMB City

Oi, It's a spy!

Inspired from places around Asia, RMB City is place full of attractions, crammed into 4 sims.  It’s insanely big and uses a lot of prims that a low end machine would fry have difficulties rendering stuff here.

But if you have a high end machine, set everything to high, let her rip and see the detail of stuff there. If you’re an alien tourist that’s visiting Earth, this is a must visit. But don’t forget to turn your cloaks on. You might spook everyone.

So yeah, I sound like a kid here (consider it as a compliment or an insult) because I’ve been to some beautiful made places. All of the content I see there wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t contributed by the community. SL/OS is one of the stuff in the internet that’s really rich in user-generated content.

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