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 The Cipher Prime Duo

I came across this Indiepub interview about two guys starting out a gaming business.This two named their company Cipher Prime. They struggled their way to the top and risk so much in the process. Eventually,they got their break by winning in a competition and possibly going to get sponsorship from a big time gaming company like EA. To my amazement, the new game they created called Fractals is visually puzzling and audibly fantastic. It is mind boggling and blowing in a way that it hooks you up like drugs. The background music is very good, it is as if an orchestra is playing behind you. Truly Amazing, the game’s demo feature a full screen preview every time you play and the function is adoptable in Second Life. So I made this very short machinima to show how good this game is for everybody. Check the movie out, play the game and see the interviews, and let me know what you think about fractals and the Cipher Prime Duo.



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  1. Will Says:

    Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks for writing about us!

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