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 The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life

CNET senior writer Daniel Terdiman has just released a book on making money in the metaverse and it’s called The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life. His thesis? You must have a plan and you must work hard if you want to make it as an SL entrepreneur. According to Mark Wallace, in his blog 3pointD, Terdiman’s book covers an extensive range of topics. “Rather than the usual thin gloss on selling prim skirts, the book actually takes a deep dive into the process of building and running a business in the virtual world of Second Life, covering everything from laying foundations and writing a business plan, to entering the fashion world, the real estate business, the virtual construction trade, the “adult” industry and even running a business on SL’s teen grid.”

You can read Mark Wallace’s blog about The Entrepreneur’s guide to Second Life here. And if you’d like a snippet of its contents, Daniel Terdiman has a blog with write-ups on his interviews with some of SL’s successful entrepreneurs. You can read that here.

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