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 Closing of Greenies Home Rezzable

Very sad news this week that Greenies Home Rezzable in Second Life will be closing June 23rd 2010. I received an object message from Second Life confirming this.

“The object ‘Greenies Home’ has sent you a message from Second Life:

Today is a really sad day for SL. I have to announce the closing of Greenies Home Rezzable. June 23 will be the last day of the sim. I gonna celebrate a big Goodbye Party during weekend and wanna invite all fans, artists, DJs to participate and have fun with the cute green aliens. I am working on a schedule atm so everyone who wanna perform at the sim .. here is your last chance. The Greenies fly finally back to their home planet so lets wish them a bon voyage. Please IM Angelina Rhode for more information. The schedule for the events is open. Give me a wink when you wanna sing, DJ / perform on the big table, in Club G or any other place in the sim!”

greenies greenies2
Greenies Home Rezzable was an awesome location to visit and the cute little Greenies will be missed when it goes for good.
Grennies SLurl: Greenies Home Rezzable

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