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 Wacky, Sexy and Fun: The RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest

I recently got invited to be a judge during the RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest. It basically mimics the well-known “Idol” competition format, where contestants showcase their talents to a group of three “celebrity” judges. However, in this particular contest, talent is defined more to be how the participants “assembled” or created their look for the event, based on the theme and the rules of the contest.

As the theme was obviously about nakedness, the participants came in various types of avatars, but of course, most came into the contest in human form, and in their “birthday suit”–nude and even stark naked. However, the RMB City guidelines for the event states that naked doesn’t necessarily mean that the avatar has to be totally undressed–the participant can also wish to express various concepts of nudity or nakedness, as we perceive it in various situations.

The contest was hosted by Zilla Warrhol of RMB City. The judges were myself, NWN Correspondent Hamlet Au, and China Tracy. While Hamlet came in wearing boxer shorts, I was more surprised to see him, for the first time, wearing a detailed Second Life skin (complete with body hair!), instead of his usual “Hamlet” skin.

There were about 14 participants during the event, and some had to unfortunately drop out of competition due to scheduling issues while the contest was ongoing. Nevertheless, the contest proceeded with the host directing the contestants to various locations in RMB City, and performing amusing and wacky animations (part of their “tasks”), then finally, leading them back to the Bird’s Nest, for the question and answer portion of the competition. The judges asked each contestant various questions ranging from inspirations to their chosen look for their avatar, to questions about what nudity or nakedness means to the contestant. After the gruelling Q&A, the scores were tallied and the results were announced.

The winners of the event were as follows. Third place went to Ford Roffo, a crazy colorful Chimpanzee who really dominated the event with his crazy antics in voice and chat. Second place went to Molly Montale, who came as a glowing and dazzling “moving matrix” skin/shape form. And the first prize went to Vivienne Graves, who came to the competition as a satyr/faun/neko avatar accented with various accessories.

A flickr.com gallery of images taken during the event can be found here (WARNING: Some images may be NSFW).

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