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 Second Life Voice Morphing

Linden Lab just announced an alpha release of Viewer 2.1. While most of the improvements are on performance, stability and usablity Linden Lab is also excited to reveal two new features including single sign-on and Voice Morphing, that can change the sound of your inworld voice to match your avatar. It’s an exciting new feature that will allow even greater opportunity for fun and expression. Now, not only can you outfit your avatar to suit your favorite look, but you can also get an awesome inworld voice to match as well.

New Character For Voice
Voice Morphing is a feature that Residents have been asking for almost as long as we’ve had voice capabilities inworld. Simply put, it’s the ability to change your avatar’s voice to match any one of a number of tones and characteristics. Want to sound like a robot, a furry, or the opposite sex? With Voice Morphing, that ability is now just a few clicks away. The ability to change what your voice sounds like inworld will not only make it a richer and more interesting experience to be part of a community in Second Life, but will also help introduce voice to Residents who have been reluctant to use it in the past because they were uncomfortable making their real voice heard inworld. With Voice Morphing, you can be whoever you like in Second Life in voice as well as in appearance.

As a first step, LindenLab introduced 25 voices, available for purchase via subscription in five packs of five each, with the following themes: scary, feminine, masculine, tiny, and techie. You’ll be able to sample each one for free to find the morphs that work best for you.

For more information you can check SL’s official blogsite Here

More information on VoiceMorphing

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