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 Avatrian Goes Medieval

Our latest creation is a series of English Plate Armours dating back to circa 1460. The design is based on the funeral effigy of the English knight, Ralph Fitzherbert. Comprising of 24 various attachments for each set, Avatrian’s English Plate Armour also comes in five distinct hues…Silver, Gold, Copper, Black, and Scarlet.

We are now selling these unique armour sets at a vendor kiosk in the Avatrian sim. They can also be found at SLExchange and OnRez.

The armour set comes with a pose animation for a standing position while holding the helmet. Additionally, when walking while wearing the armour, it is scripted to make a chain movement sound. All English Plate Armour in the collection are packaged as full avatars. Meaning, they already come with an avatar shape that will fit in exactly to the armour. However, it is important to note that the skin and hair of the avatar shown on the images above are not included in the package. If you would like an armour customized to your avatar’s specific shape, please contact us.

To view more pictures of the collection, visit our Flickr page here.

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