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 Top 10 sims viewed in Peek360

As of May 25, these are the 10 sims that are most highly viewed using the Peek360 app.

1. Straylight with 18051 views
2. Morrison with 2299 views
3. Cybavaria with 2106 views
4. Baden-Wuerttemberg 2 with 1675 views
5. Shiodome Island with 1602 views
6. RMB City 3 with 1503 views
7. Sutherland with 1348 views
8. seduced with 988 views
9. Raglan Shire with 980 views
10. International Schools with 861 views

A total of 66502 views have been requested using Peek360’s panoramic viewer. And, this covered a total of 1283 unique sims or regions in Second Life. You can send your own request for a 360 view location in-world by going to peek360.avatrian.com.

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