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 Learning Architecture In A Virtual World

Source: CBS News (September 18, 2007)

Designing buildings in a virtual world brings up some interesting philosophical issues that he and other virtual architects like to debate. There are those who argue, for example, that architectural students should only be able to design buildings that could actually be built in the real world and others who say that there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the special features of this virtual world.

For example, in one of his students’ designs there is a staircase with stairs that simply float in space – they’re not anchored to the structure. And the stairs are very far apart.

It would be impossible to build such a staircase in the physical world and equally impossible for a real person to use it. But in Second Life, people can fly and jump more than high, so this staircase works just fine. Residents of Second Life could even get around a tall building without a staircase.

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