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 Concept T-Shirt Designs for MoonWorld

Avatrian is currently in the process of updating MoonWorld. Content created in the 3D environment can also be used as inspiration for real world designs. T-shirts for example. We came up with a few design as a fun way to get feedback on which graphic ideas would be received well by the public. The three t-shirt designs produced are shown below:

1.) Navigator Design

2.) Moonbase Design

3.) Rover Design

The next design is an entry for Emptees, a site for t-shirt graphic designers. You can show your love by liking the entry. But you have to be a member to do this. Here is the fourth graphic:

4.) MoonWorld: Leaderboard

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  1. Avatrian: Our Blogs Says:

    [...] back, avatrian created a few concept designs for MoonWorld Tees. Hopefully it would be printed for Moonworld souvenirs. But most of them were a [...]

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