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 SL Shared Media Demo

The new Second Life virtual world viewer version 2.0 (BETA) now has an interesting feature called “Shared Media”. This basically means that any user-created object in Second Life (i.e. a table, a car, or your baseball cap) can display web content (i.e. HTML, Flash, images, movies, and etc.) on any object’s surface, and then any avatar inside Second Life can interact with it.

The possibilities of this for collaborative work (i.e. virtual classrooms, virtual meeting/conferences) inside Second Life is immense, considering you can load something like Google Docs, and thus work together with several people all at once, on a document/spreadsheet, etc. while viewing videos, slides and about anything else on the web from inside SL.

Furthermore, devices which used to be “fake” in Second Life, like TV sets and virtual iPods, can now function exactly like TV sets and iPods, all because of shared media. Your Second Life car’s stereo can now actually play your favorite tunes while you drive it inworld. Or, you can now update your Facebook status by clicking on your coffee mug in Second Life and type in your FB status there.

The following is a video that Bonji and I made, while demoing the Shared Media features of SL

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