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 CrazyTalk vs Second Life

Creating machinimas in Second Life with avatars talking like how we talk in RL could be tricky. Although SL has its built in Lip-Sync(beta) it is still not that impressive specially when you do close-ups. What it mainly does is that your avatar’s mouth just opens and closes every time it talks, it doesn’t jive to what you are saying and no emotions is expressed. This could improve over time as it is still in its beta stage. But as of the moment there is this cool Facial Animation Creator tool which could help us improve close-up scenes with avatars talking.

Crazytalk is a revolutionary tool for creating sophisticated, or dramatic talking characters for unique digital content. Simply import your avatar’s close-up image and CrazyTalk guides you through the process to bring it to life with wizard-like menus. It automatically lip-sync’s to the audio that you provide or even from a text that you type. And you can edit and customize expressions and emotions for your actor. How cool is that? The video below is a sample demonstration of CrazyTalk and Second Life compared side by side.

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