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 Peek360° launches today

Peek360° is a free application that allows you to take a quick 360 degree look at a location in-world without the need for logging into a Second Life client. The output is delivered as a flash display which you can view with a standard browser and share to others via links and social networking sites. Peek360° was conceived and developed by Avatrian and is now available for public use.

Below is an example view from one of our favorite regions in Second Life…the Japan Chubu sim.

You can create your own views by going to the Peek360° homepage here.

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6 Responses to “Peek360° launches today”

  1. Opensource Obscure Says:

    Awesome. I’m trying it right now.

    If this works like it’s supposed to, and if you manage to scale it, it will be huge.

  2. Nicco Kuhn Says:

    Just noticed the drawing distance on the Peek360 is not too far away. Is there any chance to change that in the system. Take a look at this panorama to find out

  3. Joshua Philgarlic Says:

    That’s really a cool service! Thanks for that!!

    I noticed that your Bot automatically sets his environment settings to “Midday”. This was okay for me ’cause my first attempt was when it was midnight on my Sim. But maybe one would like to select a different time of day? It would be great if I could select a desired illumination ;-) .


  4. Chenin Says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    @Josh, we are actually considering that as a new feature for the next version. Right now, the environment just defaults to the time of day when the request is submitted. But, we plan on adding a few options like sunset, midnight and maybe even advanced sky such as Incongruent Truth. Which themes do you think are most popular?

  5. Chenin Says:

    Thanks for the input. We originally had the view distance set at the maximum of 512m. But, it turns out that this makes rezzing of objects slower and sometimes delays nearby objects from materializing. So, we compromised by lowering the view distance to 320m instead. We will continue to search for ways to speed up the process while maximizing the distance.

  6. Joshua Philgarlic Says:

    @ Chenin
    I think the “standard” settings would be okay (sunrise, midday etc.).

    I made some additional tests today: if I like to picture myself I’ve to set the SLURL about 1.5 m lower. But now, I see the legs of your Bot ;-) . See http://www.avatrian.com/Peek360/viewer.php?id=849

    Anyway: I think your service should be nominated for the next Linden Prize! Unfortunately, you started some weeks to late for 2010 :-( .

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