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 RMB City Installs New Mayor During 1st Year Anniv Celebrations

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Rodion dropped by RMB City on January 10th, 2010 to attend the RMB City 1st Anniversary Celebrations, representing Avatrian LLC. The affair was held in the newly restructured People’s Marketplace, a section of RMB City that evokes the public marketplaces of China.

Highlighting the event was installation of Erica Dubach, a.k.a. E3a Digital, as RMB City’s 4th Mayor. Born in 1969 in Switzerland, Erica Dubach travels the digital world in search of the new and interesting, both professionally and personally. As E3a Digital in Second Life, she has connected the virtual world to the real world using RFID technology. RMB City is destined to achieve the same leap in the context of art. As Erica in Real Life, she is a PhD candidate at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich) since February 2007, and a senior researcher in the Auto-ID Lab University of St. Gallen / ETH Zürich since February 2009.

A special announcement about an exciting new mission, the RMB City Code, was also made by the new Mayor. China Tracy and her baby China Sun graced the occassion, as well as some SL notables, among them, Hamlet Au. Mayor E3a also gave a speech about the increasing relevance of virtual worlds. This sequence was filmed during the dancing that followed the presentations.

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