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 Tote Bag Design: “Eye on the Moon”

Inspired by imagery from our MoonWorld project, I created a graphic design called “Eye on the Moon”. It depicts 4 astronauts conducting a mission in the lunar surface. We submitted this design in the community called Common Totes. Although this is just for fun, you can still cast a vote or design your own. Show that you love our design by becoming part of the community in Common Totes and by clicking the “I’d buy it” button. Or, you can leave a comment to let us know what you think of it.

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2 Responses to “Tote Bag Design: “Eye on the Moon””

  1. Tychocrater Says:

    The tote design is great – of course, I am biased!
    I signed up at Common Totes and voted on it. Hope it gets printed and I really can buy one.


  2. Fabskee Says:

    Thanks for voting… Yes I really hope this get printed too. I’d buy one myself if this get produced. I appreciate your support on this.


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