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 Blue Mars Beta Test

Blue Mars officially launched in open beta last week and Avatrian was one of the few to do the beta testing just after the announcement. Blue Mars, the 3D virtual world created by Honolulu-based Avatar Reality, is powered by the Crytek 3d graphics engine. This virtual world is arranged as a network of “cities” on different servers. Blue Mars explorer RageMcgyver (Bonji Barbosa in SL) documented his first visit to this newly born virtual world. At present, Avatrian is evaluating content creation options as an MDC in this platform. Watch the machinima below and check out the Blue Mars virtual world for yourself.

This machinima is made pleasantly possible with our AMD server’s Nvidia GTX 280 OC graphics card of 1GB gddr3 memory. Credits to Owl City-fireflies for the music.

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