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 The Continent of Avatria…a grid in OpenSim

The surface of Avatrian’s OpenSim grid is dominated by a cluster of 9 sim contiguous regions that we call the continent of Avatria. Primodial, expansive, raw and untouched are words that best describe its current state. This machinima documents this early stage of the continent to serve as a reference point since the continent and our whole grid itself will undergo rapid transformation in the coming weeks and months.

To create the terrain for Avatria, we modified an existing single-region .raw terrain file and adjusted it to mesh for the much larger territory of the continent. 256×256 meters have given way to a landmass of 768×768. In addition to the mainland, several free standing islands, Machitopia and Amalgam, already exist in our grid. More regions will go online in the next few weeks as some of our full sim projects get migrated from SL. Access to our grid is still restricted and by-invite only at the moment. But, we will open the grid to the general public before 2010.

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