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 Avatrian’s grid in OpenSim

The beginnings of Avatrian’s very own grid in OpenSim is a humble configuration of 9 contiguous simulators. Even so, it is already far wider and much more spacious than our Second Life land holdings. And our expansion possibilities are only limited by the capacity of our server hardware. The other big advantage is that we do not have to pay tier to maintain it. Stay tuned as we create our continent to accommodate other builds, develop new projects and migrate existing clients.

A big thanks to Christian for jump starting the project and lobbying for resources to devote to this department, to Rodion for systematically implementing our production OpenSim server and to Clifford for troubleshooting the setup and adding enhancement modules.

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One Response to “Avatrian’s grid in OpenSim”

  1. Christian Riconalla Says:

    Wow! Congratulations Avatrian Team! That is really something! :)

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