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 Re-Opening of RMB City

The prolific Mr. Hamlet Au hosted the New World Gala event for the re-opening of RMB City. As billed, it was a night of art and music inspired by RMB City. Cao Fei, the Beijing-based artist who conceptualized the idea of RMB City, is present at the event to meet her friends and fans. Her avatar, China Tracy, was graciously conversing with guests while nurturing her avatar child. Many of SL’s notable personalities attended the evening celebration including Bettina Tizzy, Pooky Amsterdam, Tezcatlipoca Bisiani, Man Machinima, AM Radio, Teagan Linden, Bryn Oh, Moo Money and many others.

The party started with streaming music from DJ Moshang Zhao. Dancing was an integral activity in the Waterpark venue. The presentation of the fashion design entries followed which was hosted by Iris Ophelia. Models showcased creations by various SL designers by using the RMB City Observation Wheel escalators as a runway. The gala also is the official unveiling of the Guggenheim Museum in RMB City. And, the new machinima created by Lainy Voom was introduced by Hamlet to the crowd (see below).

More pictures of the New World Gala can be viewed here.

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