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 Chenin in Blue Mars

Avatrian has been exploring the new virtual world of Blue Mars. Using a beta login account, we started checking out the welcome area and various sites in this newly released platform. First thing to do is of course, customize my avatar a bit. Who do you think is the better Chenin Anabuki? The left image is taken from Blue Mars. The right one is from Second life. You be the judge.

Chenin vs. Chenin
Chenin in Blue Mars                                   Chenin in Second Life

Based on our preliminary testing, here are the first impressions of this environment:
- very good graphics as promised. the lighting effects are nice and the shadows are highly convincing.
- painful to use at only 4 FPS (the same machine runs SL at 19 FPS). our other machines can’t even run it at all.
- navigation is intuitive. easy enough to turn and move the camera around. i like how you can click a location and your avatar automatically moves toward that direction.
- many spaces are still vacant and void of other avatars. only met 1 avatar per hour.
- choices for clothing are limited and avatar customization features are still rudimentary.

Blue Mars is a very good entry into the metaverse industry. It has high potential and as a metaverse development company, we will keep our eyes on it. But, we probably won’t visit it again until a year from now (when the content is richer) or after we upgrade our machines…whichever is sooner.

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  1. Christian Riconalla Says:

    Wow! The graphics in BM is really smooth… I guess that calls for greater GPU/CPU power… :)

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