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 Highlights of SLCC 2009

Being based in San Francisco this year, I had an expectation that there will be a higher number of attendees during this year’s SLCC. But, the participant size is just about the same size as Tampa in 2008. And, still much smaller than Chicago in 2007. That was probably when the peak of interest for Second Life was. Nevertheless, the San Francisco convention is probably the one I enjoyed most of all. I think not having a booth to exhibit freed me up for more participation and socializing. So here it is, the highlights from my 3 day convention:

1. Being able to chat with Philip Rosedale at the Linden Luau. After elbowing away a few groupies, my friends and I finally got to ask him very important questions such as “How come you are so tanned?”. I thought he was going to say that he just came back from Hawaii. But instead, he claims to “work out a lot”. I guess that means Philip likes to exercise outdoors. You heard it here first.

2. The SLEd Mash Up wherein I got to talk about Avatrian’s latest project…The Medaverse. The topic was very appropriate for this session since the focus of this Mash Up is on education and health. Second Life has been used in many innovative ways in this arena already. And, it was quite informative for me to hear the other presenters.

3. Bumping into Eshi Otawara outside the St. Francis…then, hearing her scream “OMG! Chenin it’s you!!!”. I am still amazed how an SL mega-celebrity in the caliber of Eshi can be excited to meet me. I of course, was tongue tied for a bit…especially after Eshi proclaims that she has a crush on me. I don’t have this in video record, but it’s the truth. Anyway, Eshi is a delightful presence all throughout the convention. I even hear that on top of all her engagements, she is adding blogging responsibilities as a writer for NPIRL. A very talented individual Eshi is. Watch out for her postings.

4. Speed Geek…yes, I was one of them. Talking about Avatrian’s experiences customizing, implementing and hosting bots for various client applications. These are not bots that are there only to boost traffic. Ours are actually intelligent ones that provide interactivity to the spaces they occupy (such as the pollworker bots for Alameda County). I was happily surprised by the amount of interest in this topic. There seems to be a general understanding that artificially intelligent agents are essential to enhancing virtual spaces. The only issue is that many still don’t understand well how to use them. So, I was glad to be there to offer some advise.

5. Encountering Hamlet Au at the Ballroom and instinctively getting a friendly hug. I don’t know how he does it. In spite of his popularity and huge number of friends/fans, he still manages to stay warm and real. More power to NWN and Hamlet. Next time I see him, I will be doling out the free hugs.

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3 Responses to “Highlights of SLCC 2009”

  1. Troy McLuhan Says:

    Maybe Philip has a rare condition which causes him to become tanned when he works out?

  2. Eshi Says:

    :O you ratted me out!

    Now I have even a bigger of a crush! :)

  3. Chenin Says:

    @Troy, lucky him. He gets to accomplish two things with one effort. haha!

    @Eshi, what happens at SLCC does not stay at SLCC.

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