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 Asthma Medaverse opens

August marks the month when The Medaverse project opens its door to the SL community. First of many medically themed implementations is the Asthma Medaverse sim. On this island visitors will interact with displays highlighting important information about asthma and allergy. Immerse in an experience where your avatar can walk around a lung, witness an asthma attack and visit a home set up with allergy in mind. Conceived by Dr. Barb Newman, The Medaverse aims to provide an immersive health and disease learning experience.

Avatrian developed the full Asthma Medaverse sim, created a large scale anatomic model of human lungs, made animations to recreate a realistic asthma attack scene and produced scripted objects for interactivity, and created a corresponding website. The machinima below, produced by Machitopia, showcases The Medaverse project.

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