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 Pollworker Bots are here

Alameda County is a sim in Second Life created to educate first time voters about the polling process. It has been open to the public since June of 2009. Recently, pollworkers were added in the form of bots. These bots, or automated avatars, were customized and installed by Avatrian. Their main purpose is to fulfill the part of real world pollworkers in official polling places at the County of Alameda. The bots greet visitors entering the polling room, inquire about their registration status, provide them instructions and hand out materials to the voter. You can visit the Alameda County sim to experience the pollworker bots first hand.

Bots in Second Life have become widely used for many purposes. Their application as pollworkers in the virtual polling place shows an example of how bots can be implemented to improve functionality and enhance visitor experience in a sim.

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