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 Avatrian turns Gold

This morning, Linden Labs officially announced the Second Life Gold Solutions Provider program. This new Gold Program identifies exceptionally qualified Solution Providers with a high level of client satisfaction, a track record of developing successful Second Life projects, and demonstrated expertise working with real world organizations. Avatrian is proud to be included in this list of 31 providers that met Linden Lab’s criteria for a high level of service. Thank you to all of our current and former clients to help us get to this point. We strive to maintain and improve your confidence in the work we provide.

For more information on the Gold Solutions Provider program, please visit the Second Life Grid official notice here.

SL Gold Provider

Linden Lab also produced a flyer about the program which you can download here. It provides additional information and what it means to be a Gold Program provider.

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  1. Rosmairta Kilara Says:

    Big congratz to the folks of Avatrian!

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