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 Mayor AlanLau Nirvana and People’s Limbo Project

AlanLau Nirvana
On April 25th, RMB City will host a special event, featuring press conference by newly-inaugurated Mayor AlanLau Nirvana (RL: Alan Lau), and a preview of the People’s Limbo interactive art project.

After his inauguration on April 18th, Mayor AlanLau Nirvana announced a press conference to reveal his exciting new “RMB City Stimulus Package”, with innovative (and possibly controversial) ideas on promoting energy, action, and community growth in RMB City and the virtual world.

After the speech, Mayor Nirvana will invite all attendees to a special sneak-preview of “People’s Limbo,” a multi-phase project staged around RMB City. People’s Limbo seeks to rediscover the roots of this word, coming from the Latin limbus which literally means “edge,” here in the context of the global financial crisis. Risk and opportunity will be opened to individuals via interactive games and installations, just as the seals in Revelations. Instead of following the dominant narrative and throwing stones at particular capitalists, we would like to contemplate on capitalism itself, in order to deliver us from the illusion of “to sleep in the guise of waking up.”

Date: April 24th, 8pm SLT / April 25th, 11am Beijing
Venue: People’s Bank, RMB City
Teleport to SLURL here

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