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 The Winter Playground by KINSA

Recently, Avatrian was approached by a non-profit NGO based in Toronto, Canada. KINSA, which stands for the Kid’s Internet Safety Alliance, is interested in creating a virtual space for their organization in Second Life. Design discussions resulted in a decision to create a winter playground as a theme for KINSA’s presence. After terraforming a custom terrain, Avatrian re-created a 1940s style playground equipment for the primary area in KINSA’s sim. At the centerpiece of it all, you will find an eternally blooming Maple Tree. It was commissioned by Avatrian from Second Life’s premier tree-maker…Mr. Kriss Lehman, of Straylight fame, himself. Make sure to sit on the swing and observe the cascading snowflakes, falling leaves and shifting shadows. The landscape’s mood changes with the varying times of the day.

Apart from the swinging under the Maple Tree, you can also use the see-saw with a friend or try out the slide. Both playground items are scripted as well. Toboggans and sleds are lying around for avatars to use. Explore the winter wilderness with these seasonally appropriate transport modes. This newly created video shows Avatrian and friends engaging the space in a variety of ways…

You can visit The Winter Playground in Second Life here.

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