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 A California Condor in SL

Many birds fill the skies of North America. But one proves to stand unique among the others. The California Condor is the largest flying bird in the country. Though, it is considered as the world’s longest-living bird (with a lifespan of up to 50 years), it is also one of the most endangered bird species. Various environmental organizations are making diligent conservation efforts to preserve the existence of these animals. These huge, black vultures are distinctive by their largely bald head with skin colors that shades from yellowish to bright red, depending on the bird’s mood. Condors may travel several hundred miles in search of food. They are mainly carnivorous: they eat medium and large-sized dead mammals like cattle, sheep, deer, and horses in any state of decay. They can be seen scavenging the skies on the coastal mountains of south-central California and the Grand Canyon area of northern Arizona. They prefer mountains, gorges, and hillsides that create updrafts.

The sculpted creation of the California Condor is created by Avatrian exclusively for Troy McLuhan as a part of his 3D birds model collection.

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One Response to “A California Condor in SL”

  1. California Condor Says:

    Yes, I would like to get one of these California Condor objects in SL myself, seeing that I have my avatar with the same name. LOL

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