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 Avatrian at the SLCC 2008

Avatrian booth at SLCC 2008

Last year was Chicago. This year was Tampa. The SLCC venues are very different. But, what remains the same is the active participation of the Second Life community in this purely resident organized event. Big kudos to Crucial Armitage for keeping it all together in an organized manner. I think for me, the highlight was Philip Rosedale and Mark Kingdon’s back to back opening address to the attendees. “Second Life is irreversible” both of them asserted. And, this statement was backed up with why. Although their styles are very different (Philip exuding suaveness and style while Mark projects warmth and genuine concern), they were able to get an all important message across…the torch was passed effectively. Linden Labs and Second Life will go on towards a healthy growth path.

="DennisAs a sponsor for the event, I spent the bulk of my time there meeting up with friends and former clients at the Avatrian kiosk. There seems to be a concensus that the quality of the speakers and presentations have improved markedly compared to last year. On the rare occasions that the expo hall was relatively unpopulated, I managed to sneak towards Linden Lab’s mixed reality photo booth. Have to admit that it was fun getting your image superimposed into an SL background. Did it a couple of time even.

No word yet on where next year’s SLCC event will be held. But, SLconvention.org will probably post an annoucement about this in the coming months.

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  1. RMB City Blogs» Blog Archive » RMB City at SLCC Says:

    [...] RMB City’s engineering team Avatrian was a sponsor of the SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) in Tampa, Florida, 5-7 September 2008, one of the key gathering-points of the greater Second Life community. There they displayed the first poster promoting RMB City’s grand opening in Fall 2008. Read more at Avatrian’s blog. [...]

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