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 A Synopsis of the VWC 2008 in LA

Although not as well attended in comparison to the VW Expo in New York held earlier this year, the main participants of the metaverse industry are still represented in the LA expo. Our friends at Freggers, Qwaq, Hoplon, MASA Group, Linden Labs, MeltingDots and Vastpark were all there. So, it felt somewhat of a mini-reunion. And, Hamlet Au was also present to promote his book “The Making of Second Life”.

James of New World Notes, Dennis of Avatrian, and Jennifer
of TechSoup.org

The main thing missing from the event seems to be the participation of traditional media. Especially considering that the venue is set right by Hollywood, there were missed opportunities in expanding the reach of the metaverse by not having these important industry outsiders at the event.

Avatrian Interview by MeltingDots

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