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 Real Life Says Hello to Second Life Chat

“With Second Life becoming integrated into more aspects of our Resident’s daily lives, we saw a need to expand the world beyond its borders, enabling constant connection regardless of location.”

Linden Labs Vice President – Joe Miller

Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, together with Vivox, the same folks who provided the technology for SL in-world voice chat feature, created SLim.

SLim is a messaging client scaled to the massively multi-player world. It is the newest instant messaging and voice client that will let SL residents communicate with the Second Life world without the significant overhead of the full-blown Second Life clients. SLim is a discrete VoIP/IM client that is meant to run alongside the Second Life viewer. Proposed to be convenient is such a way that it can compliment onscreen interactions, or it can also communicate with others who are not in-world in Second Life.

For more information on the new SLim, please click here.

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