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 Rodion Resistance in SL Offical Guide

Rodion in SL Guide

“…metaverse companies are springing up in the developing world, taking advantage of talented and technically skilled workers who can do high quality 3D content creation and other SL work for a much lower salary than their American and European counterparts. The metaverse, in other words, is being outsourced. At this writing, there are such companies based in mainland China, Vietnam, South America, India…and the Philippines.”

–p.76 Second Life Official Guide 2nd Edition–

Rodion Resistance

Avatrian’s very own, Mr. Rodion Resistance was one of these mixed-reality entrepreneurs who was featured in SL’s Official Guide 2nd edition book. Rodion is Avatrian’s Creative Director and one of SL’s celebrated content creator. He enjoys producing in-world content, exploring new and old places, and socializing with other residents.

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