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 Nurien: The New Form of Social Media

Nurien is a new category of social networking service where they provide users a more powerful way of expressing their identities by enabling them to create their own unique avatars, fashion, 3D objects, and legacy media. Nurien is very much similar to Second Life, but has more detailed avatars and objects because it uses the Physx Technology developed by Nvidia and Unreal Engine 3 of Epic Games.

Nurien’s platform pulls Unreal Engine 3 into an entirely new arena, which is demonstrated in their first three offerings: MStar, Runway, and QuizStar.


MStar is an online music dance game which has a similar game interface as those of Guitar Heroes or Dance-Dance-Revolution. This rhythm dance game blends user-created content, customizable characters and virtual dancing in a fun, open environment. This game is targeted for gamers in Korea and China where online rhythm/dance games and social virtual worlds are the current trend. MStar’s use of Unreal Engine 3 allows the avatar system to move realistically. The assignment of unique physics values to body parts, hair and accessories allows each component to move independently within the avatar environment. This enables characters to simulate realistic physical movements.


Runway is an innovative fashion show application wherein players will have to follow certain rules and various themes to create their own clothing line and compete on a virtual fashion show — where other users within the community will watch and vote online.


QuizStar is a casual online game which provides a great way to have fun with freinds. It also provides a great avenue to those who are interested in meeting new friends inside the community. This will be predictably a popular favorite among kids who are actively involved in virtual communities.

Nurien will be launched in Korea first by mid of 2008. And will be released in China towards the end of the year, followed by the release in North America on 2009.

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