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 Hamlet Au’s write-up on RMB City

Wagner James Au recently announced in his blog the opening of RMB City in London’s famous Serpentine Gallery. The gallery has been a home to the works of a lot of world renowned artists including China’s very own Guanghzhou artist, Cao Fei. China Tracy (the name of Cao Fei’s avatar in the virtual community, Second Life) spearheaded the debut of her visionary project — the RMB City. The city is to be realized inside the walls of Second Life.

Guests can check out the RMB City scale model in the Serpentine gallery. There are also several laptops that are used by gallery visitors so that they can visit the actual site for the development of RMB City inside Second Life. They will be directly teleported to the RMB City Preview Center wherein they would be able to see the chief engineers — Avatrian, work on the RMB City construction.

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