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 Second Life Banned

The birth of virtual worlds has indeed been one of technology’s greatest development. A lot of things are made possible by these communities. You can go as far as your mind can take you. But then, technology has no control over the imagination of people. It completely caters to all sorts of thoughts. And yes, that includes both good and bad ones.

Rep. Mark Kirk

These bad imaginations might be what caused Illinois congressman, Mark Kirk, to campaign for Second Life to be banned from schools and libraries. He pointed out that social networking sites and virtual communities are definite hot spots for online predators to offend children in-world. The lack of an age verification rule in SL was highly criticized by the US representative. He was adamant in supporting Rep. Micheal Fitzpatrick’s stalling Deleting Online Predator’s Act Bill in 2006, which was about preventing children from accessing social networking sites and chat rooms unless it is for school use and if they are under adult supervision.

It is well known for residents that SL is only for those 18 and above. And that there is actually a Second Life Teen Grid for those below 18. Young people don’t have to wait for the congress to ban Second Life from their schools or libraries to realize what they are getting into when they sign-up for online social networking groups or virtual worlds. After all, children nowadays are more well-informed because of the advancements of media. Therefore, they themselves should take careful precautions whenever they engage in social activities online or in-world.

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