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 Powered-up Career Seeking in SL

Second Life has been a bridge to a lot of experiences all over the world. Some paralytic people have been able to move in SL. Normal people were able to understand how difficult life is for Schizophrenic patients. And the grid has also been used for Artificial Intelligence experiments as well. A lot of things were made possible by Virtual Worlds. But then, the list doesn’t stop there. As time goes on, a lot of people are starting to discover the opportunities virtual worlds can offer to different communities. And as these Metaverse environments continue to grow popular, the list of possibilities will keep on growing.

From paralytic to schizophrenic people and from scientific researches, regular academic activities and simple social gatherings, SL has been a home to various virtual activities. And it is yet to be a home to real life career seeking as well.

Canada’s Ontario Public Service (OPS) just recently announced that they will be hosting a Virtual Open House inside Second Life, it will basically be a 90-minute career informational session. Since early 2008, OPS has already been publicizing the activities they are holding inside the Interactive Career Recruitment island wherein users were given a chance to engage in interactive career experiences which included virtual firefighting to real world traffic analysis and more. Their objective in creating this interactive island is to encourage users to inquire for real world career positions, thus instilling in them the desire to check out possible job opportunities in Canada’s most populous province, Ontario.

Indeed virtual worlds are giving people more reasons to be in it. Job seeking used to be just browsing through ads in the newspapers or surfing the internet, but now, with Ontario’s example of an interactive career seeking island, people would be able to experience a whole new level, and probably a more promising form of job-searching.

To visit the Ontario Public Service Island in-world, please click here.

For more on the article of the upcoming OPS Virtual Open House, please click on the link here.

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