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 Is Second Life a “Failure”?

For the past few weeks and days, several major US West Coast infotech press circles have been seemingly trying to paint Second Life as “a dismal failure” in the peer-to-peer media and E-PR circles, and that major brands and corporations are beginning to abandon the platform. Here are links to examples of such articles:

from L. A. Times

from Forbes

But, as these articles from Second Life Herald and NWN reports, things aren’t always as they seem in the metaverse:

L.A. Times Joins the SL Hater Parade

WIRED and the Long Tail of Second Life Marketing

A link from SLH showing how Nissan’s efforts to retool their presence, with the help of Electric Sheep, has significantly improved their in-world presence.

Entrepreneur.com made fairly balanced analysis of why Second Life and the metaverse concept in general, didn’t produce the impact that some in the business community expected it to have. You can read the article here

I think the following quote from NWN’s Hamlet Au pretty much sums up what can be learned here… “Corporate marketing in Second Life fails when it doesn’t serve or celebrate the community, or refuses to integrate its greatest virtues.”

Read the links and be enlightened.

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