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 First Virtual “Thesis Defense” in SL

One of Second Life’s firsts — Online students of one of America’s Best Colleges, Drexel University Online, defended their thesis inside SL last June 5th. Six students made their marks in history by virtually participating in this ordinary school activity. Instead of feeling nervous about the new procedure, Shawn Brown (the first of the 6 students to defend) was more intrigued. This curiosity and excitement proved to be a lucky charm for all 6 were able to present and deliver well in the end.

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Indeed Virtual Worlds has come a long way from being just a game, now people are starting to appreciate the possibilities and opportunities it is opening up to businesses all over the globe. Virtual communities recognizes no boundaries to the imagination. Thus encouraging students to be more creative in their ordinary school projects. They would then learn to appreciate the power and beauty of technology. Children will soon see virtual worlds as a fun way of learning instead of just a simple video game.

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