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 Which Default Avatar is Cool?

Newbies undergo a lot of pressure in improving the look of their avatars upon joining the Second Life community. After all, these are the virtual representations of themselves. But before they actually learn the ropes in improving their avatars, they go through a lot of endless shame and embarrassment. All residents and users of SL shouldn’t have to go through that — newbie or not. Default avatars should be created in a way wherein newbies would be given the ample time to learn how to customize their virtual representations without any pressure. Beginner’s avatars should be cool, presentable, and inspiring at the same time.

In response to this newbie dilemma, Torley Linden is conducting a casual and tentative survey on possible appearances for the default avatars.

From a range of different looks, Avatrian chose 2 male avatars and 2 female avatars as top choices.

Avatrian chose the Cartoon Box Robot because we think that a lot of people would be able to identify themselves with this look. The robot depicts such a carefree and happy personality that you couldn’t help but smile. For those who will constantly need to be unique and different from others, this avatar will be perfect. Plus the look is fresh, inspiring, and the composition is simple but very catchy.

The Cool Musician is another top choice for Avatrian because of the hip vibe it exudes. A lot of artists come to Second Life with the goal of extending and sharing their eye for art to everyone. For them to be able to do this, they need avatars that would mildly represent their goal. And what best to embody them in the metaverse community than a trendy and fashionable musician?

Who can forget the Glamorous Star? We could never overlook this everyday diva. Every woman has her own passion and sexiness inside of her but very few are able to identify themselves with it. So for women who wish to bring both beauty and elegance into the virtual world , they would undoubtedly make this avatar one of their top choices.

The Girl-Next-Door is everyone’s best friend. Her outgoing and friendly personality makes her very approachable and warm. Everything about her exemplifies comfort: from her pretty face to the color of her dress. A lot of people would be able to see themselves sporting this avatar because it will help them make good friends inside the SL community. Though it has this “too ordinary look”, it still represents majority of the RL population in a very tasteful way.

If you wish to take the survey and pick out your own choices as well, please click here.

For the full Torley Linden article about the survey, please feel free to click here.

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