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 Paralysed Man Moving in SL

Thousands of people from all around the world are suffering from severe paralysis. And though, they live, they don’t have a life. Most of these people lose hope and they refuse to undergo rehabilitation. They are angry and sad at the situation that they have been thrust into. They suddenly get the urge just to stop living.

Just recently, a 30-years paralyzed man from Tokyo discovered that Second Life was the new best friend that he needed to pull him out of his unmoving world. The man could barely bend his fingers due to a progressive muscle disease, but through the use of his brain waves and his imagination, he was able to walk in the streets of SL without any difficulty at all.

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Indeed virtual worlds are fast becoming popular in the times today. Some has even predicted that for the next few years, about a billion people will already be into the metaverse environment. This maybe for the purpose that virtual worlds provide an escape from reality. But for paralytic people, these worlds are giving them the hope and chance of being able to live a normal life once again.

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    [...] Life has been a bridge to a lot of experiences all over the world. Some paralytic people have been able to move in SL. Normal people were able to understand how difficult life is for Schizophrenic patients. And the [...]

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