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 Free U-XTX Spacesuits to Friends of Avatrian

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A new series of Avatrian spacesuits have been created and made available for free to friends of Avatrian. Considering the futuristic theme of Avatrian Central sim’s ground level, we took the initiative in making avatar clothing that will blend in this environment. This latest addition to the Avatrian clothing line was created to improve the FutureScape experience for guests and visiting avatars. Four unique designs, each with a different color, comprise the U-XTX spacesuit series.

We are holding an SL in-world event on Thursday, July 26 at 6:00 PM (SL time) to officially launch the spacesuits. But, they are readily available now. To get your free copy, join the “Friends of Avatrian” group. Then, teleport to Avatrian Central in SL. The spacesuits are showcased inside the Omicron Rocketship. Members of the “Friends of Avatrian” group can freely take a copy.

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