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 China Tracy visits Avatrian Central

Chinese artist and Second Life user China Tracy (Cao Fei in real life) visited Avatrian Central last Wednesday, July 18. To those who are not familiar with Cao Fei, she is an emerging Chinese contemporary film and visual artist based in Beijing, already gaining fame in her home country, and has participated in various art exhibits around the world. She was in San Francisco lately, and was able to visit Linden Lab, the company that created and manages Second Life.

I had the honor of touring China Tracy around Avatrian, and she expressed delight and wonder at the variety of things one can see in our sim. China has an account of her visit in her blog, which can be read here (warning: her blog is in Chinese, but there are some English parts)

China has been featured in Hamlet Au’s New World Notes Blog when she caught the attention of SL user with her very interesting “I.Mirror” videos in YouTube.

Avatrian is the Chief Engineer for the RMB City project. For more updates on the current progress of the construction and additional information on the project, please click here.

Cao Fei’s real world artist website can be found here.

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