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 Avatrian in the Philippines Outsourcing Review

Philippines Outsourcing Review

The founder of Avatrian was featured by Ms. Janette Toral in the Philippines Outsourcing Review website. The article describes how Mr. Dennis Bacsafra came up with the concept of creating his company. Ms. Toral expounded on the work and purpose of Avatrian as a full-service metaverse development shop. Please click on the image above to read more about the article.

In addition, Ms. Toral featured Avatrian’s creative director, Mr. Rodion Herrera. The article is interestingly focused on how Mr. Herrera’s passion for the virtual world developed, and it also includes a discussion of his opinion on the topic of “Why there aren’t many Filipinos in the virtual world?”. To read more about the article, please click here.

Janette ToralMs. Janette Toral is an author of numerous E-commerce books. She has published several research reports on topics like Internet, e-commerce, online banking, IT manpower, outsourcing, and many more. She owns two professional online communities. Ms. Toral doesn’t stop there, she also works as a consultant and trainer. And she co-produces and hosts the DigitalFilipino.com podcast, as well. The renowned Sunstar.cebu columnist is the proud ambassador of the Philippine School Cyberfair competition and the founder of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society. If you want to know more about her, please free to visit her page.

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  1. Janette Toral Says:

    Hi Sheryl. Thanks for the mention.
    I’m glad to be given the chance to share their stories as well.

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