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 Custom Avatar from RL Images

Avatrian’s services include the development of a fully custom avatar made to appear as close as possible to its real life counterpart. Recently, Avatrian in collaboration with Slionhead, has created an avatar in Second Life for Mr. Versteeg. He is the CEO of Sogeti Netherlands.

JeroenFrom the composite image, the left side of the picture is an image of Jeroen from hi-resolution RL images. On the right side of the image is the resulting avatar for Jeroen in SL as interpreted by Avatrian.

More information about Mr. Versteeg’s avatar appearance in Second Life can be read at MindBlizzard blog.

Sogeti Netherlands is a part of the Sogeti Group, one of the world’s leading providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services with 83,500 people worldwide and global annual revenues of 8.7 billion euros.

“Sogeti Netherlands CEO Jeroen Versteeg has used the avatar to start the national kick-off in the Heineken Music Hall in The Netherlands. This kick-off is held once a year for all our employees and is the perfect opportunity to introduce innovations and is also the time and place to announce who and what will become the Person and Project of the last year. In a varied cross-reality evening the transition from the Virtual World (Second Life) was a classic: walking away from screen and entering the current reality. Most people would agree that the avatar resembles Jeroen Versteeg very well and the link between online and life reality was a great success.”–Arnd Brugman

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