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 The Mode Complex

Mode Complex(exterior)

The Mode Complex is a multi-purpose, pre-fab building constructed in Second Life by Avatrian for Dwelling Spaces. It is an original design with a modernist minimal approach in architecture.

The structure was built to enhance the serene and calm atmosphere of the Avatrian Dwelling Spaces in SL. As a result, the complex exudes a metropolitan air…making you appreciate the architecture displayed by this creation.

The front exterior shows the tent-like dome which initially sets it apart from other constructions. The sculpted beams, which can be seen on the center, and the circular doors lined on the walls, complete the urban look. The back exterior, on the other hand, exemplifies the contemporary vibe of the Complex. The view displays clearly the distinctive design used solely for this creation.

If you want to see more photos of the Mode Complex, please visit our Flickr page here.

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