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 Real World Geography for The Terrain Factory

For a brief moment early this year, Avatrian took a break in the area of terraforming. This is mainly because we had been preoccupied in producing and marketing our line of armours, hosting events, doing client work, etc. But now, we have produced 6 new terrain designs for our Terrain Factory collection.

The new terrains are all replicas of real world landscapes. We used Earth's geography as an inspiration to showcase possibilities of terraforming in Second Life. In doing so, we captured the general shapes and structures of these different landforms as close as we could.

The set of new terrains includes the Hokkaido Island, Big Island of Hawaii, Lake Victoria, Iceland, Sulawesi Island and the Nile River Delta, respectively with the images below. Click the picture to see a more detailed description for each one.

Hokkaido TerrainHawaii TerrainLake Victoria Terrain
Iceland TerrainSulawesi, IndonesiaNile Delta

For more information about our line of terrains, please visit our Terrain Factory page in this website or teleport inworld to The Terrain Factory showroom at Avatrian Central.

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