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 Bettina Tizzy at Avatrian

Bettina and Friends
What started out to be a gift giving activity of sharing the Cupid for The Avatrian Team turns out to be an opportunity to meet one of SL’s well-known characters. Bettina Tizzy (wearing a chinese-inspired costume) of “Not Possible in Real Life” came to visit Avatrian and later along with her two creative and famous builders . Kazuhiro Aridian (mythical creature with wings)and Lumiere Noir (Red Robot), who are friends of Bettina came to take a look what Avatrian has created. With the Medieval Corridor as the venue for the “show-and-tell” event, Rodion and Chenin showed the Orb-Weaver Spider and some of the nine medieval armour sets. Although Betty express that she didn’t find the Avatrian creations as a fitting subject for her “Not Possible in Real Life” blog, she commented that she will at most recommend Avatrian to the veteran content creator group in SL. In the middle of the discussion, Kazuhiro Aridian showed-off his animation prowess with the light winged avatar which he created himself. Rodion and Kaz (short for Kazuhiro) shared there views towards possibilities of sculpties in content creation and how it helped elevate the design aspect in SL. Lumiere Noir, a long time content creator who started last 2003 and an expert in using SL regular prim, before teleporting out commented “….better head for home…and learn sculpties!”. It was a great opportunity to find out the different point of views from 3 veteran experts of SL.

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