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 Bonji’s Kissing Booth

Bonji's Kissing Booth

After being relentlessly stricken by the Avatrian Cupid, Bonji is feeling much LOVE this Valentines season. This stud wants to spread the love to any lady in Second Life. But not to every lady, she has to wear the Avatrian Cupid. You can get this cute little angel in our Dwelling Spaces for free. Because it’s copyable and transferable, you can share them to your friends too.

So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get your Avatrian Cupid now and catch Bonji on his booth also at the Dwelling Spaces, get hooked and feel his love this Valentines…

During the event…

One Heck of a Valentines for Bonji!

After a little bit promotion for he’s little gimmick, Bonji had a lot of visits on his Kissing Booth. Women flocked on Bonji, waiting for their turn. Some of them were Isadora Fiddlesticks, Micah Curtiz, Rachelle Cortes, Karel Matahari, WezdayDoll Yellowjacket, and Elaine Greene.

Yep!…There were lots of Love from Bonji on Valentines Day. And many women were Lucky enough to get it. This Lip-Locking Machine just charmed his way from one girl to the other…

Kissing Machine

Seems like the rest of the Avatrian Hunks wanted a piece of the action. Rodion wasn’t gonna let Bonji have all the fun. So, he jumped into the booth, letting Bonji rest for a while. Chenin too, got into the action! They both stole Bonji’s thunder with their ripped and shirtless bodies.

Stealing Bonji's thunder!

Then, what used to be Bonji’s Kissing Booth, turned out to be the Avatrians…:)

The Kissing Avatrians

There was lots of fun on Bonji’s Kissing Booth on this season of Love. Not to him only, but to all the people who dropped by…

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