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 Be Cupid’s Valentine Target!

Avatrian Cupid

Not feeling the love this Valentines? Let Cupid strike you with his arrows of love.

The Avatrian Cupid is a freebie. It’s our own unique way of celebrating Valentines day…letting all avatars be hit by Cupid’s arrows. The Avatrian Cupid is an attachment which follows you anywhere you go and constantly strikes you with little heart-shaped arrows. This cute baby angel is a combination of regular and sculpted prims with fine textures to complement it.

Because it is made to be copyable and transferable, you can give one to your friends as well. Moments since it was released, the Avatrian Cupid has been spreading through out Second Life like a “love” virus. So, don’t be left out. If you don’t have one, pick one up and be Cupid’s Target this Valentines…

How to Get A Copy:
- Log in to Second Life
- Search for Dwelling Spaces
- Teleport directly in front of the Cupid’s Target signage where you can grab a copy…all at no cost


Ask someone who already has an Avatrian Cupid.

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